For the iPhone 7 launch, we showed how the power of the iPhone is, well, practically magic. 

In School Play, a cinematic performance of Romeo and Juliet turns out to not actually be in fair Verona, but rather a few rows back in an auditorium at a school play where a dad is filming his daughter in the starring role of Juliet. Because with the capabilities of the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus, the movies you film actually feel like movies.


In Sticker Fight, a guy professing his love with an oversized heart sticker gets him rejected with a thumbs down sticker before it quickly turns into a city-wide sticker fight with a girl gang, the very hungry caterpillar, a food fight and the most stickered bus stop you've ever seen. In the end, we realize it hasn't been in the real world but in the world of stickers on iOS. Because you can say anything with a sticker.  




Associate Creative Director: Lauren Smith
Creative Director: Jon Willard
Creative Director: Greg Greenberg
Group Creative Director: JD Jurentkuff