Adobe’s Lightroom is a beloved desktop editing program for professional photographers, but their mobile version had a big problem reaching photography enthusiasts who exist in a world of vsco filters and free apps.

So we decide to speak directly to them, by taking the complicated, obscure tools and renaming them with fun, accurate and sometimes silly titles. Accompanying these renamed tools - ranging from the Magical Eraser to the Fluffy Button - was the slightly neurotic and always hilarious inner monologues of photo hobbyists editing their photos in the Lightroom app.

Watch and learn and laugh.



We also decided to reach photo lovers through their hearts. While cute pictures of dogs and cats can be found all over the internet, the one place they aren’t are where they are needed most - animal rescue shelters. And a good photo can make all the difference. Black dogs don’t get adopted because people can’t see their faces. Older pets get looked over if a photo doesn’t capture their personality.

So on National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, Adobe Lightroom teamed up with photographer duo JUCO and spcaLA to give their shelter pets a total photo makeover.




Creative Direction - Lauren Smith / Sean Matthews

Art Direction - Bartolome Graziana

Copywriting - Scott Reedy

Directors - Bartolome Graziana / Scott Reedy

Editor - Thomas MacVicar